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Combining global and local perspectives to drive positive change.


We strive to bridge critical gaps in the development sector through comprehensive consulting services for NGOs, international organisations, governments and corporates across the MENA region, including M&E processes, gender mainstreaming, stakeholder engagement and CSO governance. 
By embracing collaboration and versatility, our aim is to enable our clients to accelerate impact, provide exceptional services, and achieve sustainable outcomes for their beneficiaries and communities.
Based in Amman, Jordan, we possess a profound understanding of the regional culture, priorities, and challenges, while our diverse staff and curriculum offer a global perspective, allowing us to follow international best practices. That is, we speak both languages: we respond to local needs while remaining aligned with the international agenda.


At Edmaaj, all voices are considered, regardless of their demographics. We advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all individuals by fostering dialogue and creating cohesive strategies that embrace and integrate diverse voices and ideas.
That is why our first core value is illustrated by our name choice: Edmaaj (إدماج) refers to the concepts of inclusion and integration.
We believe that this value is at the heart of peaceful societies, and therefore foster it both in the services we provide, as well as within our company, where the diverse perspectives of our team are integrated into our daily work.


We guarantee to consistently deliver excellent results. What’s more, rather than theoretical narratives, we engage in practical solutions, and make sure to do so in a cost-effective manner and while committing to deadlines.
The quality of our work is also defined by our a
bility to be close-knit while remaining objective. We don’t consider ourselves a service provider but a partner: we offer an external eye, but make sure our strategy is always participatory.

We believe that context-awareness and multidimensional approaches are crucial to achieving positive outcomes. This is why we localise international best practices, making them amenable to the local environment and ensuring cultural sensitivity wherever we work.


New challenges ask for creative responses, which is why we adapt and look for clever solutions by thinking outside the box. Our methodologies are versatile, always firmly aligned to each context, and we stimulate our partners to take the same approach.
We strive to innovate in all our projects, and a problem-solving mindset is what allows us to find original and practical solutions to whatever challenge we encounter

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