Dr Momani
Dr. Mohammad Al-Momani

Dr. Mohammad Al-Momani is currently a member of the Upper House of Parliament (the Senate). He served as Minister of

Dr. Amer Bani Amer

Dr. Amer Bani Amer is the founder and general director of Al-Hayat Center - Rased, established in Jordan in 2006. Al

Basma Amawi

Basma Amawi has a 35-year career with the US Department of State as a Senior Cultural Affairs Specialist working in the

Rafik Halaouni

Rafik has over 10 years of development experience particularly in the field of monitoring and evaluation. He has worked

Advocate Salah Alma`itah ​

Salah Almaitah has been an attorney for more than seventeen years. He acts as a legal consultant for many local and

Sara Elgomaze ​

Sara Elgomaze has an additional postgraduate degree in International Relations. Her key expertise includes Middle

Khalid Raji

Raji is a Director Manager and Professor with many years of experience in managing multiple projects and implementing

Rania Ismail

Rania Ismail, is a famous Jordanian actress who obtained the title of Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis in Jordan