Our team has extensive work experience in conducting gender-sensitive research and evaluation as well as providing us with an exceptional ability to organize and interpret data and present findings in both oral and written form, which also includes using graphics, charts, and other interactive visual tools to present findings. Our reports are well-presented, coherent, objective, and clear, presenting well-founded arguments based on substantive evidence. Our work with governments and international and local organizations has allowed us to polish our skills in facilitating complex discussions to extrapolate relevant and additional information that can be used to draw thorough conclusions and analyses. Our team members are fluent in both Arabic and English, well-versed with the local context and the issues faced by Jordanians, particularly women and youth.


Mais Alassaf

Financial & Admin Officer


Amy Greiner

Research & Evaluation Intern


Alaa Alkhadeer

Research & Evaluation Officer


Erza Berisha

Research & Evaluation Officer

Vidhi Jain .JPG

Vidhi Jain

Research & Evaluation Officer

Dana pic.jpeg

Dana Marei

Research & Evaluation Assistant