Participatory Planning and Stakeholder Engagement

We assist organisations in formulating plans, strategies, and campaigns through participatory approaches, stakeholder engagement, and diplomacy facilitation, fostering inclusivity and effective collaboration.

We specialize in empowering organizations through effective Participatory Planning and Stakeholder Engagement. Our services are designed to ensure that your initiatives are coherent, focused, and driven by the collective wisdom of stakeholders. We offer the following key services:


Comprehensive Participatory Planning Support

We assist organizations in formulating national, regional, and local plans, strategies, programs, and campaigns that align with your thematic interests and organizational goals. Our expertise ensures that your initiatives have a clear direction, fostering coherence and focus.

Participatory Approaches Design

We design and facilitate participatory approaches to engage stakeholders in program design, planning, and decision-making processes. Our comprehensive approach includes conducting stakeholder analysis and mapping, power dynamic analysis, and target audience analysis. By fostering inclusivity and ownership, we make your initiatives more effective and sustainable.

Stakeholder Engagement and Diplomacy Facilitation Support

We provide guidance and support to our clients in fostering relationships and engaging in effective diplomacy with various stakeholders. Our expertise enables you to build alliances, manage conflicts, and achieve your objectives through constructive engagement.