Dr. Nahla Al-Momany


Dr. Nahla Al-Momany has a PhD in Public International Law / Human Rights, MA in Legal Studies. She worked for Save the Children International Organization as a Trainer and Counselor. She worked for the NCHR as a trainer and head of the Advocacy and Training Unit, Head of the Rights and Freedoms Unit, Head of the Monitoring Team, Director of Legislation Department, Director of Civil and Political Rights Department and Protection Commissioner. She also worked as an annual report coordinator for the human rights situation in Jordan. She is an expert in preparing reports at the local and regional levels, where she prepared a specialized report addressing hate speech and racism in the media in the southern Mediterranean region and another on the Right to Information law and the Cybercrimes Law and their impact on the press and media freedom in the Arab world with the International Federation of Journalists. 

She has several publications, including the Cyberspace Crimes Book and the Right to Information Book, Peer-reviewed published and under publication research; The Right to Information based on the International Human Rights Standards, and Research on Constitutional Controls for the Application of Defense Law in Jordan: An Analytical Critical Study from a Comparative Constitutional Perspective and Standards International Human Rights.