Dr. Mohammad Al-Momani


Dr. Mohammad Al-Momani is currently a member of the Upper House of Parliament (the Senate). He served as Minister of State for Media Affairs and the Government Spokesperson from Mar. 2013 until June 2018,  during which he was also chairman of Petra News Agency and Jordan National TV. He was Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs in 2013 and the former advisor of two Jordanian Prime Minister prior to becoming a minister. He was the Dean of Jordan Media Institute in 2012-2013. He was the Chairman of the daily independent newspaper Alghad and Chairman of the Board of the Jordan Foundation of Radio and Television. He taught American Government at the University of North Texas (1999-2002) and then joined Rice University faculty, where he taught Political Economy, Comparative Politics, Democracy and Democratization, and Middle East Politics. He was the executive director of the Regional Human Security Center and was the deputy director of Queen Rania Center Jordanian Studies and Community Services at Yarmouk University. He served previously as an Advisor at the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy and the Director of Training and Education.

Al-Momani was a part-time lecturer at the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy and the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE). He was the Senior Policy Advisor and Deputy Director (DCOP) of the State University of New York/Center for International Development/Legislative Strengthening Program, and was the Policy Consultant in the Ministry of Political Development. He was an Editorial Board Member for the Jordan Journal of International Affairs/Jordan Institute of Diplomacy. Dr. Momani is a columnist at Alghad newspaper and previously host of the Jordan radio talk show: Current Events. He is also a former host of the Jordan TV show: Political Affairs. Momani was an Associate Professor of Political Science at Yarmouk University where he served before as the Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts. He was a member of the Institution Council in Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, a former board member in the Jordanian Political Science Association. He has been invited as a speaker to panels and workshops on political and strategic issues locally and internationally, and is a publisher of several books, academic articles, and occasional papers. He is a member of several international professional Associations, and received several academic grants and awards including Best Academic Achievement at UNT.