Dr. Amer Bani Amer


Dr. Amer Bani Amer is the founder and general director of Al-Hayat Center - Rased, established in Jordan in 2006. Al-Hayat is a pioneer in implementing development programs in Jordan and across the MENA region. The center’s programs focus on legislative reforms through supporting a country’s political, social, and economic systems. Al- Hayat plays a critical role by providing recommendations and technical assistance to legislative and executive authorities, building coalitions, and implementing advocacy campaigns. Additionally, Al-Hayat focuses on activating civic engagement in both the local and national decision-making processes, drafting national legislations, policies, programs, and enhances transparency and accountability within local and national administrations. Since 2007, Al-Hayat has been leading the largest social accountability coalition in Jordan through election monitoring, monitoring elected councils, and the monitoring of government plans, commitments and performance in terms of fulfilling their promises. The ultimate goal of this is to promote citizen engagement in the political process and transparency in Jordan and the MENA region. 

Dr. Bani Amer has worked with governmental and non-governmental institutions on various projects. These include coordinating a national dialogue within Jordan on parliamentary election law, and representing civil society in national dialogues on governorate and municipal councils with the Jordanian Parliament several national ministries. Additionally, Dr. Bani Amer was instrumental to the design and launch of a program assisting with the development of the Comprehensive National Human Rights Plan (2016-2025), in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Public Sector Development. Dr. Bani Amer actively advocates for gender mainstreaming in politics and in other spheres. He focuses on designing community-based programs to build the capacities of women and empower them to reach community leadership positions. During 2009-2019, Al-Hayat worked with more than 600 women members of locally elected councils in Jordan, which in turn integrated more than 20,000 women activists into the local community. Many of these women received grants and mentorship to implement service projects in their local communities. Dr. Bani Amer serves as a certified trainer for many NGOs, working with the National Democratic Institute, the German Foundation for International Cooperation, the Global Partners Organization, the Heinrich Paul Foundation, the Carter Center, OECD, and local organizations in Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, South Sudan, Iraq, Algeria and Kuwait. Dr. Bani Amer is a member of several local and international bodies including: Civil Society Coordination Organization in Jordan, Jordan Asian Coalition for Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights, Arab Network for Election Observation, Regional Network for Sustainable Development and Human Rights, and the Board of Directors of the GENDM Network, the Civil Society Group to Activate the Transparent Government, Experts on NGO Protection from Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, the Global Nonprofit Alliance, and the International Leaders Forum with the US Department of State's International Leadership Program. Dr. Bani Amer holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in engineering, city planning and a PhD in public participation in decentralization and local administration.