Research & Analysis

Helping our clients to build their decisions on evidence-based data.
Research & Analysis

Research is critical to gaining insight into behaviour, trends, building knowledge, and developing solutions. It is also vital to increasing public awareness and informing policy makers which makes it crucial for government, donors, NGOs, and the business sector.

At Edmaaj we conduct different research that serve our clients' objectives. For the private sector, we offer economic and socio-economic studies’ that provide our clients with evidence-based contextual data including eclectic factors and challenges that influence their business in the local context. Based on our research we provide strategic recommendations that best serve their business objectives while significantly enhancing their ability to influence and participate in the creation of local policy apropos to the growth of their business.

For government, donors, and NGOs we offer eclectic research in the political, economic and social arena that ameliorates their understanding of the beneficiaries’ behaviour and trends. This knowledge informs their ability to improve the outreach and access of their programmes, provide efficient solutions and engage different stakeholders within the programme taking into consideration gender and vulnerable groups.

Our utmost strength is our ability to assemble, review, and analyze much-needed relevant data and deliver it to you. This is executed through employing mixed methods to collect and analyse primary data in addition to using conventional methods of reviewing secondary data to ensure you have a 360 degree overview of the topic. Edmaaj has access to a robust database of people from government, corporates, NGOs, municipalities, and local community members via whom we can triangulate and validate our findings to ensure accuracy and quality.