External Evaluation & MEL Frameworks

Helping our clients plan for and measure achievement and impact
External Evaluation & MEL Frameworks

Assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, integrity, and sustainability of projects, programs, plans, and strategies of governments, donors, and NGOs, with regards to its overall objectives and theory of change, is critical to managing resources, tracking progress, building expertise, learning lessons, increasing transparency and accountability and creating interventions when required.

We at Edmaaj are experts in assembling, reviewing, and analysing relevant secondary data and collecting and analysing primary data. We employ a mixed-method approach using both qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide you with strategic findings, best practices, lesson learned and recommendations to enhance your current programming and/or design similar interventions in the future to achieve maximal impact.

Our evaluators create a safe, flexible environment with an open line of communication to build trust with respondents to extract transparent feedback gleaning comprehensive and accurate data. Our interviews are conducted in Arabic, French and English depending on the respondents’ comfort.

Edmaaj further supports organisations in developing efficient MEL systems apropos to international best practices.