Assessment Report the Implementation of The Comprehensive National Plan for Human Rights 2016 - 2025

This publication was authored by Edmaaj founder. Edmaaj declares that the intellectual property is solely owned by the organisation/s stated at the cover page.

It aims to assess the Comprehensive National Plan for Human Rights (2016 - 2025) in terms of structure, foundation, latent gaps, and the extent to which the government has the plan. It also seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of media outreach from the National Human Rights Coordinator Office and the Human Rights Unit of the Prime Ministry in terms of the level of disclosure of Plan activities as well as communication with stakeholders in order to obtain feedback and recommendations on how to improve performance and implementation.

Based on the evaluation’s findings, this report presents a set of recommendations that will address the imbalances and gaps in the Plan, draw up a roadmap to support implementation and oversight of the Plan, and improve communication with various stakeholders. This report represents an academic reference for the government, international organizations, active civil society institutions, and all parties interested in human rights in Jordan.

It is meant to facilitate monitoring of the human rights state in Jordan by focusing on weaknesses, creating programs and projects to address them, and promoting human rights in light of academic research and in areas of critical need.


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