Building Civic Space and Human Rights Observatory (CSHRO) in Jordan

Edmaaj team is currently assisting the  Lawyers Without Borders (LWB)’s and its partner CSOs project “The Neighborhood Watch Collation (NWC) Human Rights and Civic Space (HRCS) Observatory”. Edmaaj team assistance includes providing training manual on coalition building, campaign management advocacy, observing civic space and human rights situation in Jordan, media and communications, influencing policy and decision-makers. The manual will include best practices used across the world for conducting activities under these topics and assisting the LWBs and their partner CSOs on designing the monitoring framework and data collection tools for their CSHRO in an aim to provide continues reporting on the situation of civic space and it’s relevant rights in Jordan. Edmaaj team will also provide different capacity building training and coaching for the project’s partner CSOs including advocacy, monitoring framework, and M&E.