Mai has over 15 years’ experience working on open government and social accountability, stakeholders’ engagement, preventing violent extremism, and women empowerment.

She co-founded the civil society organization Al-Hayat Centre (RASED), one of the pioneers CSOs in social accountability and community cohesion in Jordan. She has also contributed to building the capacity of hundreds of local NGOs staff and volunteers in the MENA and Gulf regions to better serve their communities and sustain social change. She has also prepared and published over 30 research for different donors and clients.


Mai has worked on evaluating and developing several governmental and non-governmental programs in Jordan and the region.  She has also facilitated local development through integration and communication between government, civil society organizations, businesses, and local communities to achieve sustainable initiatives. Since 2018, she has advised the government of Jordan on improving their open government agenda and enhancing their engagement with stakeholders from civil society and the private sector. In lieu of this, she led the development and implementation of Jordan’s OGP fourth National Action Plan 2018-2020 within Jordan's Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.  Earlier Mai was assigned as the IRM for Jordan’s OGP first and the second action plans 2012-2016.




Mai is also a Member of the World Bank Group's Expert Advisory Council on Citizen Engagement 2019-2021. She is well-known for her dedication and support to empower local women in the region, given her grassroots background. In 2012, Mai under Al-Hayat, designed and led a program to strengthen the capacity of rural women and female municipal members to defend women's rights and participation, creating a network that embraced over 500 women local leaders who are still working on women’s issues. This program received the Intercultural Achievement Award from the Austrian Foreign Ministry for Europe in 2016.


Mai holds a Major Programme Management degree from the University of Oxford, where she was awarded the women's scholarship.